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Wet Drum Magnetic Separators

Star Trace is one of the leading manufacturers of ore dressing equipment. The present range of STL process equipment enables us to provide complete packages. Magnetic wet separators constitute an important part of the product range and are known for advanced engineering design and excellent performance.


Drum separator is a very common feature in any mining industry. There are two types of magnetic drum separators, one, dry permanent magnetic drum separator and second wet drum magnetic separator. The drum magnetic separator handles wet inputs from which magnetic material have to be separated. There are many names by which it is called they are Wet Drum Permanent Separators, Wet Drum Magnetic Separators, Wet Drum Separators, Low Intensity Magnetic Separator (LIMS) & Wet Magnetic Drum. The main aim of the magnetic separator is to recover the maximum amount of ferrous by using the intensity of the permanent magnet. Our drum separator is fitted with high intensity magnets which effectively carry out the separation process.


The magnetic separator assembly has fixed magnet inside the rotating drum. When the liquid input is fed into the low intensity magnetic separator (LIMS) all particles which are ferrous in nature, even the low intensity elements are attracted by permanent magnet which is placed within the drum and carried along with the rotating drum to be separated from the main stream. The rest of the liquid with particles showing no attraction to the intensity of the magnet are disposed out through separate exit point.

Salient features of Wet drum magnetic separator:

With so many features to be proud of, the Wet drum Magnetic separators would be a one time investment lasting for a decade and more. Further one should also be well informed of the complete working and the influencing factors to efficiently manage the unit and retrieve highest returns.

Persuading factors

Strength of the magnet - magnetic strength influences the end result, so its important that adequate study is done on calculating the needed field strength. Feeds differ from one processing plant to the other hence being well informed is mandatory.

Flow rate- The rate at which the flow is introduced is important as this has a direct impact on the quantity of ferrous substance collected. Checks have to be done in determining the hydraulic speed.

Viscous nature- The stickiness of the slurry will determine the output to a great extent,Ferrous proportion- If the iron content of the feed is more, then the drum with greater span has to be considered.

All the above mentioned factors thought they have an influence on final outcome it can be efficiently managed by predetermining them before procurement of equipment. Drums with different widths are available to match requirements.

Wet drum permanent separators are extensively used in coal and iron processing units. The ability to handle huge volumes in the most rugged situations makes low intensity magnetic separator for liquid separation a successful model in spite of the stiff competitions faced.

Up gradation of models to suite changing demands is a regular feature at Star Trace and you can be sure of purchasing the latest technology with us.

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